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Spaeda @ Wick

We have been testing out a new programme using the unique spaces at Wick to provide peer learning, skills and some much needed breathing space for those working in creative education with the aim of developing confidence, creativity and resilience in arts leaders.

The programme has included workshops, short residential stays and creative conversations for arts and education leaders in Somerset. ‘Creative Conversations’ are exploring the needs of the sector, the future of arts, creative and cultural education and its potential for developing resilient children and young people.

Find out more by watching our short film:

The workshop activity helped my wellbeing, reconnecting me with my creative side...allowing me to spend time and share common issues around the tensions of teaching at the moment’ - Sarah Beckerleg, teacher and trainer

‘We want to bring back the residential experience for arts leaders, to test the potential of an ongoing residential CPD programme, reflect on the role of creativity in supporting schools and students and explore what resources education might need in the future. We are inviting arts and education practitioners from a range of disciplines to take part. By joining us at Wick you will be part of this exciting research and instrumental in shaping the direction of this new programme’- Alice Crane, Artistic Director SPAEDA

Interested in joining Spaeda at Wick for 2023?

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