About us

Our charity was founded on the inspiration of the celebrated advocate for the arts Sir Ken Robinson and the message of his 1999 report, All Our Futures. We believe his call for a creative education is as relevant and urgent today as it ever was. 

SPAEDA, Somerset Partnership Art Education Agency, has a unique role in helping children and young people connect to the world around them, encouraging them to take a positive role in their communities and to be curious and adventurous. 

We believe that putting the arts and creativity at the heart of education supports the wellbeing of staff and pupils and provides space for rich learning experiences.

We act to maximise children and young people's engagement with arts and culture, reducing barriers to participation and building confidence and skills in arts leaders.  


Spaeda takes pride in its highly knowledgeable and skilled team of staff and trustees. We work closely with our board of trustees, artists and associates to increase access for children and young people to arts and culture.

Meet the Team