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Sketchbooks for Learning

Sketchbook image strip plus spaeda logo Switchbook.jpg

SWITCHBOOK is an innovative collaboration, bringing together art educators from across Somerset, working side-by-side on a continuous sketchbook journey

Why take part?


SWITCHBOOK was established to connect art leaders for mutual learning and support. Based on the original Sketchbook Circle model, SWITCHBOOK encourages art educators to challenge themselves as artists and find ways to develop their creative practice. 

How does it work?

This blended CPD programme is led by SPAEDA and resourced by network events, peer to peer support and skills share. 

Participants share sketchbooks by post, once a month, building skills, confidence and friendships throughout the course of the programme.

Interested in finding out more or joining our next sketchbook circle? Have a look at our online gallery for inspiration, see what SWITCHBOOK can do for you and join the growing sketchbook community!

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