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SWITCHBOOK is an innovative collaboration, bringing together art educators from across Somerset, working side-by-side on a continuous sketchbook journey.

Take a look through our ever evolving gallery of sketchbook conversations.


SWITCHBOOK 2023 saw a community of 14 arts leaders, teachers and support staff from Key Stages 1-5 taking part in our postal sketchbook circle.


Using the theme of ‘Sanctuary’, participants were encouraged to think about what it means to them and responding to the work of their partners. Sketchbooks came in all shapes and sizes, from a lifestyle magazine to an old story book; all have been given a new life within SWITCHBOOK!

Watch our 4min video showcasing the stunning work produced by this SWITCHBOOK community:

“Corresponding with other teacher artists and makers gave me time to focus on my own development in a friendly and supportive way.”

Switchbook 2020_21_edited.jpg

SWITCHBOOK 2020 saw a community of 20 arts leaders, teachers and support staff from KS1-5 taking part in our postal sketchbook circle. Participants have supported each other through the pandemic to produce some intimate sketchbook conversations. It has been an especially tough year, however working on this collaborative project; sharing techniques and ideas; sharing the challenges of the last 18 months and having that 'creative escape' has proven really valuable.

"I've really enjoyed switching off with it, once I was brave enough to get started I could've gone on and on!"