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Creative Careers Films


"I just wanted to say thank you for linking me to SPAEDA and the films highlighting entry routes to creative industries. It's very useful and the films look great...the creative industries do seem to evolve from connections made, connections developed, connections remembered."
- quote from a parent

The creative industries offer a huge range of jobs and career paths...

...with potential opportunities in large companies as well as in smaller businesses and not-for-profit organisations, you could rise through the ranks of a multinational media company, for example, or develop a ‘portfolio’ career combining different types of employment such as part-time work, temporary contracts and self-employment.

A ‘portfolio’ career can make for a flexible lifestyle enabling you to extend your professional contacts, build your artistic or creative practice and take advantage of opportunities as they arise.

The creative sector is a competitive environment and it’ll take drive and determination to succeed, not only to find employment but also to develop within a role. There is often no set career route and it’s common to do unpaid volunteering or work for a low salary to build up valuable experience and contacts. Many people in this industry start their own business, so basic business skills such as communication, planning and managing money are essential.  

There are endless ways into the creative industries, and everyone’s journey is unique. Here are just some of the pathways available:

· Training & Further Education

· Work Experience & Placements

· Creative Apprenticeships

· Volunteering & Work Shadowing

· Paid Internships & Employment

· Starting your own Business

It can be hard to get started and the path to career progression may not be straightforward or predictable, but careers in the creative industries can be flexible and varied as well as enjoyable and fulfilling.

Read our Creative Careers PDF to find out more:
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