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Creative Careers


"The image of Art as something you can do beyond school, and a subject with equal weighting to the others is growing."

Deputy Head, Taunton Deane Partnership College

Working in the creative sector often involves following your desire for originality and using your imagination to develop new ideas and techniques. It can be rewarding to be able to do something you’re passionate about for your day job so if you develop a career in the creative industries it’s likely you will enjoy a lot of job satisfaction.

The creative sector offers opportunities to follow a variety of job roles and types of employment. There are practical roles such as being an artist, an actor or architect; administrative or managerial roles, such as a venue manager or a museum curator. With the increasing use of digital technology to produce and deliver creative content and sustainable innovations, there are also growing opportunities in areas such as animation, games, and product design.


While creative careers invariably start by studying an arts subject at school, they are not just about arts and culture. Creative ways of thinking are often highly prized by many other sectors, especially by those looking for innovation and new ways of solving problems. It is now widely recognised that most young people studying today will take up employment in job roles that don’t even exist yet!

There are endless ways into the creative industries and everyone’s journey is unique. We share interviews of creative professionals here to help illustrate this. You can find out about their career journeys and the skills and approaches that helped them along the way. 

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