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Artist, Richard Tomlinson, takes you step by step through nine amazing photography projects for learners of all ages and abilities. 


Richard demonstrates simple and fun approaches to photography using, ipads, phones or cameras, to get young learners exploring the world around them with creativity and imagination. The video and accompanying resource sheet will help you engage KS1- 4 in mindful photography activities that encourage experimentation and engagement with nature. 


Activities include, looking at macro photography, creating storyboards for a story-photo adventure, framing your photographs for the perfect shot, and more!


Nine Photography Projects:


#1 Scavenger Hunt

#2 Guess what it is 

#3 Miniature Stories

#4 Letter Hunt

#5 Shadow Play

#6 Reflections

#7 Textures 

#8 Framing

#9 Unusual Selfies


This resource includes a 10 minute tutorial at the end of the video, demonstrating how to use the free photo editing software; Canva.


Note: This online training video was recorded as part of an event we ran for the Bolder and Braver project. We are now able to offer to the wider audience, to help support teachers lead photoraphy sessions in school.

Amazing Photography Projects with Richard Tomlinson

  • Watch our short videos made by experienced arts educators for ideas and techniques to support your curriculum. Find resources to develop and enthuse your team.

    This resource comes with a 23 minute training film and a training sheet detailing each photo project, with assignments and schedules. 

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