Switchbook 2021/21 at Hestercombe House 

On now until Friday 27th February

Switchbook is an innovative collaboration, bringing together art educators from across Somerset,

working side-by-side on a continuous sketchbook journey.

Switchbook 2020_21.png

Over 2020 we saw a community of 20 arts leaders, teachers and support staff from KS1-5 taking part in our postal sketchbook circle called Switchbook. Participants supported each other through the pandemic to produce some intimate sketchbook conversations, hone their skills and reconnect with the practice and core values of art education.


The sketchbooks demonstrate how collaborating in this way has helped develop confidence and skills for our Switchbook community, with a diversity of styles, techniques and responses evident in every sketchbook.

The sketchbooks are on display at Hestercombe House as part of Hestercombe Gallery’s ‘Changing Atmospheres’ which showcases artworks by nine unique artists, featuring painting, sculpture, film, performance and sound work, focusing on the natural environment and the self.


The exhibition is open to the public until 27th Feb 2022 daily from 11am – 5pm.

You must book gardens admission in order to visit the Gallery and outdoor exhibitions.

If you want to get involved in Switchbook 2022 please join us on Wednesday 2nd February at 3.45 pm for an introduction to Switchbook and a virtual tour of 'Changing Atmospheres' with Hestercombe curator, Tim Martin.


Book HERE for an opportunity to meet with other arts subject leaders, see sketchbooks from previous Switchbook participants and sign up to our 2022 Sketchbook circle.