Youvil in picture...

Location: Youvil, The Octagon Theatre

Event: Young people's creativity as part of Somerset Art Weeks Open Studios 2010

Date: 18th September - 3rd October 2010

Here you will find a series of images and photos of Youvil.

Guided by a town map, participants were invited to discover the parellel town of Youvil. The town was made up of common locations and referenced the geographical make up of Yeovil itself; such as the post office, library and school. At each location participants were invited to follow a series of task based instructions. Each activity invited the participant to add to the work-in-progress and in turn help YAP to build the identity of Youvil.

Location 1: Tourist Information CentreYOUVILtouristinfoLocation 1: Tourist Information map

Location 1: Tourist Information Centre Task

Memory Map of Youvil

Place a flag on to the map using the following code: red flag = site of romance, white flag = site of peace, black flag = site of danger

Write your site on the blackboard and a brief explanation about what happened there  

Number of participations: 25 flags, 21 stories

YOUVILschoolLocation 2: Youvil School                     YOUVILschinstructionsLocation 2: School Instruction

Location 2: School Instruction

Schools Days in Youvil

Make you mark on the school desk using a biro

Number of participations: at least 60 odd scribbles : )

YOUVILlibraryLocation 3: Youvil LibraryYOUVILlibrary Location 3: Library Instruction and Logbook

Location 3: Youvil Library Instruction

Object Exchange in Youvil

Take something from inside the box. Replace it with something of your own.

Write in the logbook what you've taken and what you've left behind. Don't forget to use the date stamper.

Number of participations: 13 object issued / returned

 YOUVILpostofficeLocation 4: Youvil Post Office  

Location 4: Youvil Post Office Instruction

Post a postcard from Youvil

Write down a significant event (personal or public) that took place in Yeovil, that the people from Youvil could learn from. Once completed place your postcard in the post box.

Number of participations: 56 postcards posted

 YOUVILtreeeLocation 5: Youvil Sweeterie

Location 5: Youvil Sweeterie Instruction

Sweet Dreams for Youvil

With every bean comes a wish. A wish that needs tending to. From the pit of your belly this wish can grow. Making something happen to you.

So savour the flavour of you magic bean. Look out of the window at the view. Tie a red ribbon on to the tree. To make your wish come true.

The legacy of the wishing tree lives on... as part of the private view YAP planted the self fertilising apple tree amongst The Octagon grounds. May it find its roots and bare fruits for all.

Number of participations: 58 ribbons tied

YOUVILrecordstoreLocation 6: Youvil Record Store

 Location 6: Youvil Record Store Instruction

A soundtrack for Youvil

Select a song linked to a memorable moment of your life. Write the artist and song title on to a cardboard 12" record.

Place it in the paper sleeve that can then be decorated as desired. File alphabetically in the record box. If you've never put a record on before why not select one and give it a go. If you have already enjoy remembering how it felt.

Number of participations: 26 songs for Youvil

Location 7: Mayor of Youvil

 Once participants had visited Youvil they were asked to vote for the Mayor of Youvil. Each YAP member wrote a candidate proposal and then it was down to the public to vote one of them in. The winner was Oliver and he structed a rather lovely gold mayor sash for the private view day. Congratulations Oliver! and to the rest if the YAP team.

Number of participations: 64 votes

To see the final participation numbers or to read feedback from the exhibition go to What you had to say...