Artist and YAP concept

Working in collaboration with artist Nina Wyllie the Young Arts Promoters (aka YAP), stealthily transformed The Octagon, in Yeovil into Youvil – a town created by the people for the people. Through a shared desire to produce participatory, celebratory and inclusive artwork, YAP engineered innovative ways to interact with Yeovil and its inhabitants.


The process was one of observation and experimentation; looking around with fresh eyes, accumulating information, re-mapping the town, accessing memories, playfully finding ways to subvert people's everyday reality and paying close attention to ignored mundane details.

Favouring genuine exchange with people of all backgrounds and ages, Youvil attempts to carve out a space where something extraordinary might happen. We hope to make our participants feel they belong to a temporary community whilst providing the opportunity for people to artistically express themselves. With Youvil, the project was striving to produce “a recomposition of the landscape, of the visible, a recomposition of the relationship between doing, making, being, seeing and saying.”(1) 

Inspired by Yoko Ono's assignment art of the 1960's, Miranda July's Learning to Love You More project and the exhibition 'Banksy versus Bristol Museum' YAPs preferred method of engagement was one of invitation. People are encouraged to participate in unpressurised ways, when the artists are both present and absent. The choice to walk on by and pretend an offer isn't being made is always an alternative response. The fate of the installation hinged on the willingness of the viewers who encountered the work to complete it. Evolving over time Youvil was a durational piece of work, a utopian fiction, yet its roots firmly buried in fact.

 To see Youvil in action go to Youvil in picture...