Daisi Professional Development for Partnership Working between Artists & Teachers

Thursday 10th June Working with Challenging Groups

 This session will explore ways of working that integrate behaviour management into our practice when we are working with the arts with more challenging groups. The day is designed to promote communication skills to increase rapport and positive behaviour and to enable others to increase their potential for even greater change.

Topics will include:

How to increase personal confidence in dealing with challenging behaviour

Identifying boundaries in the development of relationships

Understanding new theories and strategies that reduce personal stress and inform personal practice

 Friday 25th June Weather Check – Opportunities for Engagement

 This session will explore the current climate of opportunities for partnerships between the cultural and education sectors, including reference to national curriculum and current wider initiatives, plans and policy.

Topics will include:

Sourcing opportunities for engagement between artists and education

What is education looking to the arts and cultural sector for and vice versa

Where are the opportunities for quality partnership into the future

Tuesday 29th June Earlyarts Professional Development Day, South West Hub

Earlyarts is a professional development network for those working in the arts, cultural and early

years sectors. The network provides a range of high quality resources and services to support the

training needs of professionals working creatively with young children and families.

Regionally based Earlyarts partners, who now include Daisi and other SW organisations such as Take Art, 5x5x5 and Folk SW, organise Professional Development Days (PDDs) as part of their commitment to working smarter together and not harder alone.

Earlyarts PDDs give attendees a chance to share experiences with a wider network and the ability to talk with, ask questions about, and understand different agencies' policies and initiatives. Plus they can develop their range of skills as a creative professional and promote and celebrate their own practices.

Contact Daisi for more details about this PDD, or visit www.earlyarts.co.uk

CPD Venue:      Kennaway House, Sidmouth

Cost:                £40 per session (A discount will apply for bookings of more than 2 sessions)

                        *EarlyArts PDD is £50 per session

Information and bookings:  Please contact Clare Hearn at Daisi on 01392 386468, email clare@daisi.org.uk.