If you’re a parent, carer or teacher supporting a young person, at Spaeda we are committed to helping you keep creativity alive!


We’ve gathered a few online resources here to help you manage home learning and homeworking. More on our Facebook page.


  • A 2 minute webinar from the Real Ideas Organisation helping parents who are homeworking (including homeworking teachers) approach home learning creatively and without the stress. With links to other useful resources, it’s free and you register with your name and email.

  • Sound Foundation Somerset are a fantastic local resource for hearing, singing and playing music, with links to a range of online resources for parents, young people and musicians.

  • Check out BBC Ten Pieces At Home for weekly music activities. Perfect for primary schools, home educators and parents to share with their students.

  • Creative Writing for all ages with Young Writers Workshops for teenagers; weekly activities for primary aged children and stories for early years at the Writers Block. Keep an eye out on their Facebook page for weekly creative writing activities and early years videos from Little Story Seeker sessions.


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