We were so proud to share ACE funded Switched on to Art at Westminster in May 2018!

SWITCHBOOK was a collaborative sketchbook project bringing arts leaders from cultural, arts and educational organisations together working side-by-side with young ambassadors on a continuous sketchbook journey.

Participants shared skills to develop existing drawing, art and education practice through collaboration and peer support. 

SWITCHBOOK was supported throughout the year with practical workshops and events at cultural venues which brought participants together to network and take part in practical workshops to fuel their creative practice.

A dedicated Facebook group has been created as an inspirational community platform for sharing ideas and outcomes, Exhibitions celebrated the project with wider audiences in venues across Somerset in 2017.

SWITCHBOOK encourages networks, partnerships and relationships between educational, cultural and artist communities. If you enjoyed taking part in Switchbook or are interested in getting involved next time please get in touch. We'd be delighted if you would join us in the next stage of the journey! T

Find out about our Switched on to Art project here.