Exhibition & Symposium. October 5th-31st 2010. Gallery Live, At Sion Hill, Corsham Court, Bath Spa University

Dual site exhibition with work from both established and emerging artists;

Julie Anderson, Mat Collishaw, Angela Cockayne, Tessa Farmer, Laura Ford, Jochem Hendricks, Melanie Jackson, Mariele Neudecker, Martin Thomas, Gavin Turk, Jack Williams, Viktor Wynd, House of Fairy Tales Exquisite Trove.

Symposium               Tuesday 5th October


James Putnam, Jochem Hendricks, Philip Hoare,

Tessa Farmer, Mariele Neudecker, Gavin Turk.

This International exhibition and symposium is based on a response to a rediscovered natural history collection, which originated as specimens for drawing classes used for teacher training at Bath Academy of Art in the fifties. The collection has recently been relocated back to its original 'home' at Corsham Court, Wiltshire.

The Wunderkammer or wonder–chamber is a non-hierarchal collection of curiosities, natural specimens, miraculous objects, obscure, whimsical, and the wonderful, which defy categorical boundaries. The exhibition and symposium explores a relationship with the history and ethics of collecting natural specimens, and the implications of a sense of collective conscience. It addresses questions posed by a collision of the past, present and the future of such collections. The exhibition also examines the act of ‘reading’ a collection in the absence of the original collector, and the extent to which one’s interests in a collection re examines any curatorial or objective agendas

For tickets contact: Emmanuelle @ Bath Spa University: 01225 875528.