Heads of Art and Design and Subject Leaders Conference 24th November Barrington Court, Illminster

£150 per person / 20% discount for all Spaeda membership schools

This event forms part of the Blue Book buy back provision. If your school has bought into the Schools Improvement Service (EDS) Heads of Department package for 2010 – 11 you will be able to reserve 1 free place.

This will be an all day event including national education updates and practical workshops. Phil Creek Devon Arts Advisor and Fiona Godfrey Primary Curriculum consultant will provide best practice and curriculum updates for KS 1 – 5 and much more

This project has been developed by Spaeda in partnership with SCC School Improvement Service (EDS)

To book a place or to find out more contact Spaeda directly on 01458 254262 or info@spaeda.org.uk