AccessArt is ten years old! To celebrate we'd like to create an online gallery of all the fantastic things that children make - at home or at school. They might be models, sculptures, pots, jewellery, hats, inventions, furniture, clothes, dollshouses... it can be anything - as long as it is made by a child (aged 4 to 16), and is three dimensional.

Please send us high quality jpg images of children's work, by email to, and include name and age, and school if work is sent by a teacher. If possible we'd also love to receive 50 or so words from the child's mouth about why he or she loves making things, or about why they decided to make their work the way they did.

The Festival of Making is an online festival to celebrate making in all its forms and is part of the AccessArt Studio Project. We hope that through building an online gallery we can collect rich examples of children's making and help promote more opportunities for making and creativity. Please register your support in the proposed AccessArt Studio Project here.