'A Walk along the Edge of Knowing'

Touch & Go Theatre, formerly The Festival of Fools, present their highly celebrated Spontaneous Theatre with Live Music in Glastonbury and the Bath Fringe this June

"The moment of alchemy when suddenly the it is no longer you who play the play, but the play is playing you, is dazzling and dangerous, and yet you leap into the abyss and find the thin air carries you to soaring heights... You sacred players played by awesome forces- true artists of the soul..."

Tim Casswell Creative Connection Consultants 2008

June 11th 7.30pm Bridie's Yard, Old Beckery Road, Glastonbury by donation

June 12th 7.30pm Bath Fringe United Reformed Church, Argyle Street, Bath £8/ £6 on door

or visit www.touchandgotheatre.co.uk