Assemblage - Master class in mixed media and textiles geared towards KS3 and 4

with textile artist Siân Martin

15th June 2pm - 7pm, £100 / £80 Spaeda membership school

Great Bow Wharf, Langport

Don’t miss the chance to experience the   delights of assemblage* with acclaimed textile artist Siân Martin. Delve in to the stitching world of fabrics, photos, and fragments to  create a piece that has meaning for your own personal story

Learn this highly enjoyable technique and see how you can inform your pupils work through the close observation of your own

The session will offer the chance to

  • Discover  a number of medias and methods transferable to the classroom
  • Challenge what fabrics constitute a textile
  • Explore textile methods with non textile surfaces

* Assemblage - describes a textile that is created by combining multiples of different materials; fabrics, papers, threads, photos, abandoned samples, surfaces that hold memories and can be stitched into. Fragments and multiples can be made into a whole. Machine stitching and hand lacing will be used to link these fragments, using the stitch to link and decorate the fragments.

Please note - Participants will need to provide a working sewing machine

To book a place please call Spaeda on 01458 254262