Creative Planning Day

‘Weaving Stories and Images’

with Sue Gill and John Fox.

Monday 24th May William Hall, Stoke St Gregory

10.30am to 4pm

You are invited to a day playing with the possibilities of art and celebration, lead by Sue Gill and John Fox. For anyone interested in Somerset, it’s creativity and people, the day has been organised by Tim Hill from Thrive Somerset with support from Somerset County Council.

The day is part of a series of events, debates and experiments in the context of the many challenges and possibilities facing the county in the next two or three years.

The day will centre on creative responses to the questions

 -         How do we find and use the stories and images that that speak of the past, present and future, of our sense of place?

 -         How to encourage a role for art that weaves it more fully into the fabric of our lives, allowing us to be participants rather than spectators?

We are asking people to bring a storys and image that are important to them and their place in Somerset, as well as open minds and playful imaginations

Somerset has a remarkable history of celebration, a range of skills and a rich history and we want to build on those skills 2011/12 and beyond.

Sue Gill and John Fox are two extra-ordinary artists, with strong and passionate ideas about the importance of art in our lives. They were the key guiding lights behind celebratory arts pioneers Welfare State International and now run Dead Good guides. Their books on how to create meaningful modern ceremonies and celebrations are key texts today. For more on their work go to


Celebrations can unite us in joyful community cohesion.

Outside the walls of playhouses, educational institutions and commercial leisure centres, they balance on the tips of the elemental and the mythic. At best they provide a sense of heightened being and seeing

John Fox, Eyes on Stalks

 The event is free, bring lunch to share, places are limited so please contact Tim at