Film Club Induction

Two Film Club induction meetings coming up.

Bristol, 22nd February at the Watershed 2 - 4.30pm

Bath, 23rd March at the Racecourse, Lansdown 2 - 4.30pm

Film Club is an after hours club which is totally free for State funded schools, we’ll even pay your Public Video Screening Licence (PVS), which will save your Head a few hundred off of his annual budget, plus send you all the DVD discs and promotional items (posters, badges etc) all totally free! Once up and running you may also receive a visit (Close Encounter) from a film celebrity or our ‘On the Road’ tour bus!

As the Government has recently increased the “after school activities” hours, this club could be used as benefit to your school, have a look at the facts and figures on the ‘about us’ page on website.

To book one of the training sessions, simply follow the links on setting up a club on the website. If for any reason you can not attend one of the above induction meetings, I will happily come in to see you personally for a One to One, sign you up and activate your membership, so you or another member of staff, can start as soon as possible.